Why Do Glow Lures Work So Well?


 Glow Lure Catch


You might think that a glowing lure is a bit extra, and you are not entirely wrong. There are times when your trusty lure will do the job just fine. However, the popularity of glow lures in Asia is due to it being useful in so many different situation. To get a general idea on this, we'll dive down and get a bit more technical.



Light And Depth

There are many things that contribute to amount of light that travels as you go deeper and deeper into the water. One factor is the light loss is due to much of the sunlight refracting off of the surface of the water. Of course we want as much light as we can get for our lures in the water so that they can be seen by the fish. However, when not enough light gets to our lures, the colors begin to fade. For one thing, blues tend to retain their color much better than other colors as you go deeper. Reds and yellows on the other hand tend to lose their color much faster and become more green and sometimes even greyish. 



Lures And Color Fading

A common problem amongst most lures is that colors sometimes tend to fade due to water conditions. So your bright red lure that you have while on a boat will sometimes fade to a much darker and even blackish color, especially when fishing deeper and deeper down. This sometimes makes it difficult for fish to even notice your lure due it looking just like a grey silhouette in the water. To really pop out at them amongst all the ocean debris, a glow lure is the perfect answer to make it stand out and get noticed.



Catches The Fish's Eye

Even in crystal clear water conditions, it can become dark pretty quick as your lure goes down. For a glow lure however, even just a slight shadow will allow it stand out. Many fish have eyes optimized for recognizing certain colors, so if your lure is fading to grey, your prey is less likely to notice it. Attaching the specific color glow to your lure however will more likely attract your target. This is especially true at the deeper depths where the glow is contrasted by it's dark surroundings, making sure that the fish always be able track the lure even while you begin to reel it closer.