Metal Jacker SJ Jigs 7/10~1 2/5 oz (20~40g)


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      6 products

      6 products

      Metal Jacker SJ (Slow Jig) Glow and Rattle Jig Series

      Specially Designed for Slow Pitch Jigging

      Ideal for placing a Starlite glow stick or a Rattle stick into its built-in integrated slot

      Leaf-shaped jig with one SL-5 sized Rattle stick. Available in six brilliant colors, and comes attached with two strong and wide gape stinger hooks. Ideal for slow pitch jigging off the coast or from a boat. The jig sinks slowly into the water and can attract fish even if the seafloor is near the surface due to its fluttering low rate of descent.

      The light emitted by the Starlite is irresistible to many species of game fish. The Rattle stick mimics the sound of fish biting on crustaceans like shrimp and small crabs. It comes in weights of: 20g (0.7oz), 30g (1oz), 40g (1.4oz), in 6 different colors for a total of 18 types. 3.0 x 23mm slot for Starlite SL-5 or same size Rattle stick.

      All jigs have an integrated slot designed to hold a Starlite glow or Rattle stick. A high quality single stinger hook and a treble hook are pre-connected to the jig body. Rattle stick included with every jig. Starlite chemical glow light stick sold separately.

      Available Colors (6 Types in All)

      Sardine, Pink Sardine, Copper Glow, Silver Zebra, Copper Zebra, Black Zebra

      Body Sizes

      20g (~0.7oz): Approx.
      Length: 52mm (~2in)
      30g (~1.05oz): Approx.
      Length: 60mm (~2.4in)

      40g (~1.4oz): Approx.
      Length: 65mm (~2.6in)


      Xtrada is the brand of fishing tackle with high quality and good design produced by Lumica Corporation.

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